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Fees/Billing/Duration of Therapy

Fee for Service
I charge $200 for a 55-minute therapy session. Payment is due at time of service and your credit card is run through my patient portal. When longer sessions can be arranged, charges are commensurate.

I do not accept insurance. You will have access to invoices with billing information for out of network reimbursement if that is part of your insurance plan.

Duration of Therapy
The duration of therapy depends on many factors, including identity and childhood trauma; abuse, neglect, abandonment, loss; and growing up with parents lacking emotional availability and responsiveness. Other factors are history of not being given support in a critical moment of need and/or betrayal trauma within a relationship; the length and duration of habitual negative cycles of interaction between people; mental and/or physical health issues; addictions; frequency of sessions; motivation and commitment to therapy.

In my experience progress is best gained when goals have been collaboratively identified; patients are open to being “willing to be willing” to try to be emotionally vulnerable, focus on oneself and their inner world of thoughts, feelings, the physical effects these feelings have on one’s body, and how they behave when difficult emotions arise. Many couples arrive focused on the other and what that person is doing or should do and not on oneself. We must be able to first collaborate on the process of communication between two people for safety and then we can get to the heart of the matter.  

Therapeutic Process
Frequent check ins on what is or is not working helps guide the therapeutic process. I want patients to feel safe and provide feedback, both negative and positive. In some situations, I recommend individual therapy and/or a psychiatric evaluation to clarify if there is a mental health issue that could benefit from medication, as relationship distress can impact mental health and one’s mental health can impact relationship dynamics.  

Limits of Therapy
Relationship therapy is contraindicated for domestic violence, ongoing moderate to severe addictions and ongoing affairs-emotional or physical. In other words, it doesn’t work and needs to be addressed before proceeding. Therapy progress will be blocked if there is secret keeping.

I am not a crisis practice. I provide non-emergency therapeutic services by scheduled appointments only. If you need 24-hour access to a therapist, I am not the right fit for you. Please no treatment issues in emails or texts. Regardless of you and your family’s history if you are open to this process we will be on the right path for success.

Patient Portal For Current Patients Only - https://pattiswopernlmft.securepatientarea.com/portal/   

Please note: contacting me or my office through this website does not establish a professional relationship

Address: 1750 30th Street, #150, Boulder, CO 80301
Email: pattiswope1@gmail.com (only for past patients)
Phone: 303-709-8496 (only for past patients)

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